"The Waterpipe Smoker" 
by Rudolf Ernst

The hookah tradition dates back at least 500 years in the Middle East, India, and Turkey. A hookah is a traditional water pipe used to smoke tobacco through cooled water. Shisha is the tobacco smoked in a hookah that is very moist and sticky having been soaked in honey or molasses. The tobacco is heated in a bowl at the top of the hookah and the smoke is filtered through the water in the base of the hookah.

At Horus Cafe, we have over 20 nicotine-free, flavored regular hookahs from which to choose, as well as fresh fruit heads and speciality mixes, such as “Lady in Red”, Tropical Mix, and Horus hookah. For a special treat, try our top-shelf: sangria, mojito, vodka, cosmopolitan, and margarita hookahs.





"To be treated like a pharaoh, reserve a spot on one of the leather floor cushions."


“You’ve probably never seen anything like Horus Cafe.”

Time Out New York"Smoke Signals"
"Standing guard outside Horus, a new Egyptian restaurant and hookah bar, is a black-and-gold falcon statue that represents multiple deities. Maybe the gods are protecting the place from the mayor: Along with a standard Middle Eastern menu (hummus, falafel, kebabs), Horus serves 40 flavors of tobacco, including jasmine, apple and cognac, that can be smoked from water pipes. Owner Mohammed Elsayed explains that this type of smoking is legal under the current law. To be treated like a pharaoh, reserve a spot on one of the leather floor cushions. In accordance with preplumbing tradition, servers bring water to the table so you can wash your hands before dinner".
– Nancy Davidson

“You’ve probably never seen anything like Horus Cafe.”
"Outdoor seating wraps around this unique Egyptian spot that’s a veritable who’s-hookah of Middle Eastern tobaccos. Inside this long and thoughtfully designed spot, rugs line the floors and ornamental water pipes sit atop tree-trunk tables where hipsters and Mediterranean exiles eat, drink, and toke. A kitchen in the back of this ambitious space runs the gamut from half-pound burger and fry combos ($8.95) to falafels ($5.95) while belly dancers burn off calories on Friday and Saturday nights. Sit near the kitchen or the bathroom; you won’t smell a thing thanks to the burning odor of fruity tobaccos including apricot, melon, mango, apple mix, and 'Abra Cadabra'. Unless you’ve been smoking something that these guys don’t have-and that Shecky’s doesn’t condone-you’ve probably never seen anything like Horus Cafe."